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Tweak-XP Pro always shows a 'Disclaimer' warning, or asks to re-select my language settings


Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce this problem on our machines. It looks like that some keys of your registry are write protected. Tweak-XP then fails to save its settings to the registry.

Try this:

  • Close all sub applications of Tweak-XP (PopUp Blocker, AdBlocker, Virtual Desktops and disable the Transparent Taskbar).
  • Close Tweak-XP
  • Restart your system
  • Start Tweak-XP
  • It should now ask you once again to select your language
  • Next time it will not ask you again
  • Re-enable the options you have disabled before

If that does not fix the problem, do this:

  • start regedit.exe

Change the registry restrictions manually from the 'Edit' >>> 'Restrictions' menu of regedit.exe. You can change registry restrictions for every single user and for a specific registry key.

Change the restrictions for the

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Totalidea Software

key and all subkeys. Set the restrictions to allow any read and write access to that key of the registry. This will fix the problem.

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