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I am having trouble downloading my registered copy


Download problems of our licensed versions can have multiple causes:

1.) A download accelerating software is installed on your machine, intercepting the download, making our protected download links expire immediately causing an incomplete, or a download that actually never starts.

2.) An anti virus software that filters incoming HTTP streams can cause the download to be incredible slow. Such tools can also cause the download to never complete, or to stop before completed. You must disable your anti virus if the download is either extremely slow, stops before it completes, or never completes. Once disabled, re-download, and re-enable your anti virus once the download finished.

3.) Software firewalls can also cause the download either never to start, or never to complete.

Please disable any of such tools and try the download again. Download problems on your end are out of our control. There is nothing we can do to change that. Unfortunately.

Note: the above applies to the download of our registered products from the registered users area only. The download links for such versions are protected in a special way and require that HTTP streams that come in to your computer are not filtered, modified, or controlled in any other way by a third party software.

A side note: we understand that anti virus tools and software firewalls are tools that are neccessary, and that they improve system security extremely. However, not everything that is filtered or intercepted by such tools is actually harmful. System security related tools filter anything that matches a specfic pattern, no matter if good or bad.

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